Skiing's Untold Stories

T-bar Films is a passion project of two outdoor filmmakers, brothers Elliot and Tyler Wilkinson-Ray. Founded in 2012, the goal behind T-bar films has been to push the boundaries of ski filmmaking by focusing on story-telling, specifically stories about resilience, passion, and community that today's major ski film companies are overlooking. 

T-Bar Film's first film, United We Ski, became an instant success among skiers and non-skiers across the country. In 2014, T-Bar Films' short on Vasu Sojitra became an instant hit among skiing and the broader public. In 2015, we focused on the growing backcountry skiing movement in Vermont with Shared Lines. We have several projects currently in production for '16 and '17.

Commercial Inquiries?

T-bar Films is a passion project and does not shoot commerical work itself. However, both of it's founders work full-time as commercial filmmakers and photographers. If you would like our help on your next content project, please head over to our personal sites. 




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